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"Art - Accesories"

My name is Cecilia Rius, I was born in London in 1975.
I'll tell you how I got to this moment, sharing with you my new project ...Hunna.

After finishing my studies at the University of Fine Arts in Madrid,
my first steps were directed towards graphic design, magazine layout, web design and promotional catalogs.
But soon I was drawn to the three-dimensional image, "the object" ... I started designing lamps in an industrial company.

Shortly after I moved to the Philippines for a few months to learn other production systems and there, my inspiration was fed with all new materials and techniques that I discovered and used in my ideas.

That trip also allowed me to learn to appreciate my culture, society and geographical location and that's how I decided to stay in Madrid.
As I walked into this creative process, I realized that above all, I needed to use my HANDS to create.

Touching and understand in a more direct and committed to the raw material with which I worked.

I studied jewelry and wax modeling, interested in the symbiosis of jewelry and sculpture.

I wanted to create a manufactured product but I didn´t want to lose sight of the wealth of crafts and hand-made.
The jewel represents a product of "comercial" market, so I thought this way my sculptural creation could reach more people.

So when I create my first collection of jewelry, my interest was focused on the power of commercializing.
This was how my little boutique was born, a unique place in Madrid, La Pezera.
A business specialiced in hand-making and selling custom designs.

I created not only jewelry, but all kinds of handmade accessories, brooches, bags and design was so personal that people acquired pieces because they considered them works of art.

In this period I continued to express my creativity through elements or ways more risky and less commercial.

I started to explore other trails along my concerns to a more spiritual level, and this led me to train as a Reiki Master and find a way of healing and growth which was a big change in me.

In artistic way, I also ended up finding a plastic technique that allowed me to shape my emotions while giving life to discarded objects, objects found on the street, that seemed uninteresting and turn them into works of art.

At the same time all this research work was accompanied by a personal search of a deep search and determined finding of my true self.

And now, the adventure continues ...
With the wisdom and energy of everything learned.

Embarking on this project, Hunna ... something that comes from the heart, from the desire to create and to grow, from the union and integration of all the above, an umbrella to create that which is born of me, whether jewelry, art or just a thrill!!

 You share?

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